The Benefits of Paving & Sealcoating

The diverse climate of Lake Tahoe & the surrounding area is tough on your asphalt. The expansion during dry summers and contraction during cold winters make it tough for roads, driveways, and parking lots to remain in-tact and attractive. To avoid this, regular maintenance is recommended. Ask us about our maintenance packages and make it part of your summer home or business maintenance plan.

When you protect your existing asphalt with our sealcoating service, it does a few key things:

  • Ensures a longer life, and better protects it from perimeter erosion
  • Deters dangerous interior cracks and deformations from occurring
  • Provides an aesthetically-pleasing, weather resistant layer

When you choose to upgrade your asphalt with our paving (or patching) service, it does a few key things:

  • Helps relevant parties to assess the state of the ground & surrounding soil underneath the asphalt
  • Allows for under-asphalt maintenance such as removal of tree roots, smoothing of uneven surfaces, and re-routing of water runoff
  • Gives the customer more flexibility regarding specific requests or custom plans
  • Provides the driveway, road, parking lot, etc. with a new, aesthetically-pleasing, structurally sound surface
  • Promotes a crack-free, erosion resistant surface for 5 years or longer

Love Tahoe just a little more…

Preservation of the natural environment begins with small improvements. The simple act of installing & maintaining proper water drainage serves as a major inhibitor to soil erosion and lake pollution. In our field, this is known as B.M.P. (best management practice)

A well-functioning BMP entails a few steps:

  • Assessing water runoff on the job site
  • Digging a drain path and water collection point compliant to BMP specifications
  • Properly installing drain and appropriately sized drain rock

Proper drainage keeps soil and other matter where it should be and prevents runoff into our beautiful rivers, streams, and lakes. Help keep the delicate Tahoe environment in balance by doing your part as a resident of the Tahoe basin. Contact us for a free environmental consultation.